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The 2nd International


The 2nd Ukrainian Vapor Week is event created for manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their products to retailers, wholesalers, Investors, Vape Bar Owners and other vape professionals.

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Cloud Contest

Kiev in a cloud! Join Cloud Contest competition, show your vape magic and get main prize.

On the stage will come a pair of the registered participants and each will have 2 attempts to create the most intense and distant cloud of steam.

Five impartial judges will be watching the competition, skipping to the next round contestants whose vapor had the best performance on the measuring stick.

Saturday, March 18 11:30 – 16:00


  1. Everyone uses the 0 nicotine unflavored juice (E- liquids will be provided by Organizer)
  2. Battery must be 0.15 ohms or higher with dry wicking material. All builds will be tested for safety.
  3. You cannot use dual battery mods.
  4. Each participant will have 2 attempt
  5. Judging will be based on distance as well as density.
  6. For participate you should buy ticket to event without using promo code.
  7. Registration is open until 15 of March 2017.
  8. The 2 contestants with the highest score will then proceed to the final round where the crowd will be included in the judging process and will ultimately decide on a winner.